Surrendering Your Pet

Many pets when surrendered to the shelter do not know how to respond. Most stay in the back of their kennels, avoid contact with people, and do not want to eat. We suggest trying to rehome privately if you must get rid of your pet that was not adopted from us. While we try to make them feel as comfortable as possible, many times they are so shut down they will not interact with staff and become behaviorally insecure. Shelters are loud with lots of people walking by and making noises at the animals which can often times frighten dogs who are used to living in a quiet home. While we understand not all pets can be rehomed privately, we ask that you do take steps to attempt to keep them in the home when possible.

Things to do prior to requesting to surrender your pet:

  • Check if breeder or shelter where they came from will take them back
  • If pet has a problem that is medical, have them checked by a veterinarian (we can refer you to one if needed)
  • If pet has a behavioral problem, consult a trainer or behaviorist (we can refer you to someone if needed)
  • Try reaching out to family or friends if anyone is looking for a new family member
  • Post on local rehoming sites for a greater audience

We may not always have space

We can only take in animals when we have space for them. We are a small scale facility and do not want to stress out our animals by having kennels too compacted. We are not a government run facility therefore we are not required to be open intake and are not required to accept each animal that comes through our doors.

Surrenders are only done by appointment

Appointments must be made in order to surrender an animal because they must be able to pass a health and behavior evaluation. If they cannot pass the evaluation, we cannot accept them into our adoption program.

I adopted my pet from the SPCA of Solano County

Per our adoption contract, any animal adopted from us is can be surrendered to our facility. Any surrender fees will apply,   Many shelters are currently full and the SPCA of Solano County is no different.  We will do our best to accommodate you pet but if there isn’t any space you will have to wait for something to open up.  if you are able to rehome your pet that was adopted from us send us an email with new owners info se we can update the  microchip for you.   If your pet was adopted from a separate facility, please reach out to them first to see if they have the clause of taking back animals adopted from them. If your animal was adopted from our facility, please send us an email to inform us of your need to surrender..