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  Spay & Neuter
      We spay and neuter dogs and cats and rabbits
      Core vaccinations for dogs and cats
      Microchipping and registration
  Blood Tests
      Heart worm blood tests for dogs 
       FeLV/FIV tests for cats

One of the best ways to keep your pet healthy is to spay or neuter them early.

SPCA of Solano is proud to offer low cost spay and neuters to pets and strays that live locally and in surrounding cities. No proof of residency is required. We are dedicated to reducing pet overpopulation and unwanted litters.

To Expedite Admissions
Please Download and Complete the Admission Form Below
Services Provided by Appointment Only
No Drop Ins *
***for those trapping ferals call for info about scheduling***

Procedures and Pricing
(Subject to change without notice. Please contact us to confirm pricing)
Payment Due the Morning of Surgery.
Credit/Debit Cards and Cash Accepted. No Checks.

Feline - Procedure and Pricing*
  • Spay (Female)  -  $65.00
  • Neuter (Male)  -  $40.00
  • Feral (Male or Female) Eartip and Rabies  -  $40.00
  • FVRCP (Standard Cat Vaccine)  -  $10.00
  • Rabies Vaccine  -  $10.00
  • FeLV Vaccine  -  $15.00
  • FeLV / FIV Blood Test  -  $25.00
  • Microchip (Administration & Registration)  -  $30.00
  • Nail Trim  -  $5.00
  • Cardboard Box  -  $10.00


all for availability and pricing

Canine - Procedures and Pricing*

  • Spay (Female)  under 60 pounds  -  $115.00
  • Spay (Female)  60 - 89 pounds  -  $150.00
  • Spay (Female)  90 - 110 pounds  - $200.00
  • Spay (Female)  111+ pounds -  $250
  • Neuter (Male)  under 60 pounds  -  $95.00
  • Neuter (Male)  60 - 90 pounds  -  $135.00
  • Neuter (Male)  90 - 110 pounds - $175.00
  • Neuter (Male)  111+ pounds - $200.00
  • Rabies Vaccine  -  $10.00
  • DHPP Vaccine  - $10.00
  • Bordetella Vaccine -  $10.00
  • Heartworm Blood Test  -  $20.00
  • Microchip (Administration/Registration)  -  $30.00
  • Nail Trim  -  $5.00

*Payment Due the Morning of Surgery.  Credit/Debit Cards and Cash Accepted. No Checks.

Clinic Location and Hours

SPCA of Solano County                  (707) 448-8750

  2200 Peabody Road
  Vacaville, CA  95687                       Email: solanoclinicinfo@gmail.com

Wednesday - Saturday
        Note - Services are provided by appointment only

     7:15 am - Check-in Cats    
     7:30 am - Check-in Dogs  
    Pick Up time will be given during check-in

Requirements & Guidelines
  • Appointment for services required.
  • Rabies Certificate must be presented at check-in.
         We can administer a Rabies Vaccine for $10.00.
  • Patients must be healthy at time of surgery.
  • Patients need to weight at least 2 pounds.
  • Patients can be as young as 10 weeks of age 
  • We prefer female dogs not be in heat.
         It is much safer for the animal to be spayed either before or after
         a heat cycle. The best time is before 6 months of age.  There will be an additional charge for in heat or pregnant animals.
  • All cats need to be in their own carrier.
         Cardboard carriers can be purchased for $10.00.
Please complete and bring the complete admission form with you.

Download Dog Admission Form           Download Cat Admission Form

Post-Op Care

Your pet may still be affected be the anesthesia they've been given. Please provide extra observation and confinement for them for at least 12 hours.

Offer a little water 2 hours after getting home. In another hour, if they do fine with that, offer them about 1/4 of their normal amount of daily food. Resume normal feeding the following day.

Check the incision area at least once a day for 1 week. Call us if you notice excessive swelling or redness.

The surgery area should be kept clean and dry for 10 - 14 days. Bathing is usually allowable after that time.

Restrict to short leash walks and restrict active play or exercise for 10 days.

Cats are given a long acting pain reliever while at our clinic. It lasts 3 - 5 days. No further pain medications are needed.

Dogs are sent home with pain medications. Please give as directed.

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