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doggieAt the SPCA of Solano we have wonderful pets of all ages, sizes and breeds ready for adoption.  Many of our animals are transferred from other shelters, some are surrendered by their owners, and others come to us as strays. 

No matter where they come from,
All our animals have their own unique story. 

People often incorrectly assume that shelter animals have behavior problems. In reality the problem is almost always an incompatible match in their previous home.  We do our very best to make sure all animals have a comfortable stay while they're here - but the ultimate goal is to get them into their new homes.

Adopting a new pet is an extremely rewarding experience. Sometimes it can be challenging to find the right pet. 

Solano SPCA has several trained Adoption Counselors to assist you and your family in making the right choice.  Don't be discouraged if you don't find a good match on your first visit. It may take several weeks or even months to find the best match for your family. 

Remember, this is a decision that will affect your life for the next 10 to 15 years. 

We encourage you to come often and visit with many different pets. If you have young children, your search may take a little longer, as not all the pets in our shelter are appropriate for homes with kids.  Please understand - if there are age
restrictions on a pet at our shelter, those restrictions have been placed there in the best interests of your kids and the animals. 

If you're interested in adopting, please look through our available animals online. However, not all animals are listed online.

The best way to tell if an animal is going to be a good match for you is to come down to the shelter and interact with the pet.

SPCA of Solano Pet Adoption Process

Helpful Hints for Successful Animal Adoption

Adopting a new pet can sometimes be a difficult process but we have compiled a list of helpful hints that make your search a bit easier.

Before you start your search, sit down with the members of your household and put together a list of what you're looking for in your new pet. Make notes of what things are really important, kind of important and not really important.

You should include things like size, activity level, hair length, sociability with people and other animals, breed types, etc.

You should also discuss important things like:
  • How often the pet will be alone?
  • How much time you will realistically be able to exercise your new pet?     (Be honest with yourself. If you're not an active person, getting a new pet will not likely change this about you.)
  • Who will walk the dog?
  • Who will clean up after the dog or scoop the litter box?
  • Where will the pet stay when you go on vacation?
  • Will you take the dog with you when you travel?
  • How often do visitors come to your home?

Meet with different types of pets - you never know which one is going to steal your heart.

Meet with all the dogs that fit within your "Really Important" category even if they aren't exactly the look you wanted. Remember - looks fade so it's best not to choose a new pet on looks alone.

Try and meet with the pet on more than one occasion; unfortunately this is not always possible when adopting from a shelter.

Listen to what shelter staff and volunteers have to say about the dog. They're normally the ones that know the animal best.

Try not to make immediate decisions. If you find a pet you like, go to lunch and talk about it before making any decisions.

Prepare your house before bringing a new animal home. Have supplies ready (litter box, dog bed, bowls, toys, dog crate, scratching post., etc.)

Don't be afraid to travel to different shelters in the area if the first shelter doesn't have what you're looking for.

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